The World is digitalized. Man creates wonders everyday .One among his wonderful creations is the computer, which rules the world. In the future, nothing can run successfully without the assistance of computer.Therefore, it is inevitable for every human to learn and be expertise in computer. In Kongunadu Matric Hr.Sec.School, computer is taught practical point view from class first onwards. It is taught two hours per week. Sufficient number of systems are available, so the students are able to work on computers individually and independently. Since our school facilitates UPS system, there is no problem of power cut. The students are trained very well by experienced and qualified teachers who enable them to create their own projects on computer languages. The computer lab is provided with sufficient space so as to facilitate comfortable seating for the students of different sections.

     They are not only taught the prescribed syllabus but also trained in advanced areas such as transferring data to CDs, pendrives, cable connection between system hard-wares, using run commands and shortcuts keys and scanning pen-drives.

     It is mind blowing to see that Kongu Students have practical knowledge in the world of computers.